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Dude! I should've looked at Birth By Sleep's voice credits sooner! Who'd have thought that Master Xehanort was the orignal Dr. f-ing Spock! Or that Eraqus was Luke Skywalker! Duuuude!
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"If a student does not take a final exam, do not put a zero for his/her grade in your grade book. Average the grades that you have up to that point. You should have enough grades to get an accurate reflection on what they know and you should have some quizzes to reflect mastery before the final exam."

What kind of principal sends this message out to his teachers? Why are we rewarding laziness? What's the point of even giving the damned exam if the people who don't take it get a grade for it anyway? Someone please clear up my confusion because this has me WTFing like crazy!
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Huh... Andrew proposed to my sister last night. I am of mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I think he's a really good guy, and I thoroughly approve of him. On the other hand, though, it really hasn't been that long since my sis divorced Jeremy, and I just feel like she should wait a while before jumping into marriage again.

Ah well! Maybe they'll have a long engagement. And whatever does happen, I wish them both the best!
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Through the loop, around the needle, back through the loop, off the needle! Through the loop, around the needle, back through the loop, off the needle! Through the loop, around the needle, back through the loop, off the needle!
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Bambi's dad ran out in front of my dad this morning. He's ok - Dad, that is. Car is still drivable, but Mom said the passenger side is pretty dinged up. Icon keywords for the deer.
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Dear rude driver who was behind me yesterday (not that you'll ever see this, but it's fun to share your stupidity and rudeness with the world),

If I am in a turn lane and the light is green but there is oncoming traffic, I'm not budging no matter how much you honk your horn and yell out the window at me. I will wait for the cars to pass or wait for the turn arrow. The Krystals that is half a mile from the light will still be there. I promise it will not grow legs and walk away while I wait on two cars to go.

No love,


P.S. Once those two cars had gone by, I gave serious thought to sitting there until the turn arrow came on to piss you off more. ♥
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Woo! Just have to get through this week and then I'll be off to Atlanta for conventiony fun times! Why yes, I have already started packing. I want to be able to carry everything out to my truck on Friday night so that on Saturday morning I can just get ready and go!

AWA's schedule will probably be up in the next day or two. Once it is, I'll be printing it off and marking the things I want to do. Whether or not I'll actually get to those things is another matter!

Costume schedule:
Jaeger - all day except in the event of a certain sort of wardrobe malfunction involving white pants and feminine biological processes.
Dist - only in the event of the aforementioned wardrobe malfunction

Cyndia - until the Yugioh shoot at 1 is all done with
Dist - From 1 until I leave

Dist is an easy one to change out of and back into regular clothes. Remove wig and make-up and coat. Change pants to jeans. Voila!

If it was easy to go from Dist to Cyndia and then back again, I'd probably just put Cyndia on only in time for the shoot. I do so hate how I look in dresses, but there should be a Pegasus to pose with. So the "hate how I look" is outweighed by "Woot! Pegasus!" If I discover that the Pegasus is not there, then it shall be Dist all day on Sunday.
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Being on bus duty this morning, I had a fairly decent view of this. I stayed far enough out of it to avoid being hit and joined the teachers forming a perimeter to keep the students back who wanted to crowd in.

We've done fairly well this year so far, I think! I mean, we went five weeks before we had an incident that was considered news-worthy.